Atlantic Shores Baseball

Coming Soon! 9/1/2021 

Atlantic Shores Baseball League (ASBL) will be debuting on September 1st 2021! ASBL will have teams at the Summer Collegiate, Pro Showcase and Professional levels! ASBL will operate out of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  

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Atlantic Shores 

Pro League
(age 20-29)

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Atlantic Shores Pro Showcase League
(ages 18-25)

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Atlantic Shores

Collegiate League
(players must be on a collegiate baseball roster)

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Staff Directory

Coming Soon!

Atlantic Shores Baseball will begin accepting player registrations September 1, 2021 for each of our leagues debuting summer of 2022! Our managers are looking for talented and driven players that are looking to prolong their career, develop their skills, and pursue their dreams of playing professional baseball! Our organization is devoted to helping all of our players accomplish their goals and achieve success both on and off the field. With teams set to play across the Southeast in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida, our organization will be hosting players from all across the country!

2022 Projected Professional Teams 

1. Tigers

2. Force

3. Braves

4. Raptors